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Anti-gravel cartridge 1L black

Anti-gravel cartridge 1L black

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It is a recoverable anti-gravel coating with anti-corrosion and sound-absorbing properties based on rubber and resins.

After drying, the coating can be covered with the most common paint systems. After complete drying of the product, a durable elastic film remains. These products offer good protection against different climates and gravel.

  • Very good adhesion to a wide range of substrates
  • Very good resistance to weather, water spray and abrasion
  • Proven results


Use :

Shake before use. The surfaces to be treated must be clean, dry, free of rust, dust and grease. 5400 can be applied using a compressed air gun at a pressure of 3 to 6 bars. These products can be repainted (depending on coat thickness, temperature and humidity), after approximately 60 to 90 minutes, with most commonly used conventional 2K and basecoat paints.

When using a 2K lacquer, we recommend using a primer coat first and painting after this coat has completely dried, as recommended by most paint manufacturers.

If you wish to apply thicker coats, it is recommended to dry the coats together. The optimal spray distance is approximately 30 cm. The product can be sprayed without haze and does not flow. Contaminated surfaces and dirty equipment can simply be cleaned to a "fresh" state with solvents.

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