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Vulcanet motorhome wipes

Vulcanet motorhome wipes

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Vulcanet is designed in FRANCE by hand by enthusiasts for uncompromising and exclusive enthusiasts. Vulcanet is the REAL all-in-one. Vulcanet is an impregnated towel that is both a reservoir for multiple cleaning products and a place to capture diluted dirt.


1- UNSCREWING THE HOOD 2- THE HOOD The hood serves as storage for the microfiber. 3- RED CAP The lid serves as a seal to prevent evaporation. 4- TAKE OUT A VULCANET 5- TAKE OUT THE MICROFIBER The microfiber comes out of the cover by pushing it outwards. Once the microfiber has been ejected and your wipe is in hand, don't forget to close your box with the red seal 6- VULCANET APPLICATION - On the first pass, slide the Vulcanet wipe over the surface without pressing. - Once the surface is slippery, you can apply pressure on the Vulcanet wipe. It is not because the Vulcanet wipe becomes loaded with dirt that it should be thrown away, on the contrary there is still some product left in it. 7- MICROFIBER APPLICATION Once the Vulcanet wipe is dry, use the microfiber on the cleaned surface using rapid rotating movements, this will allow the anti-dirt protection to be fixed 8- ADMIRE THE RESULT

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