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MECACYL HY (manual box) 100ml

MECACYL HY (manual box) 100ml

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MECACYL HY is the essential solution for any “metal-to-metal” friction system where there is no combustion (transmissions, bridges and hydraulic systems). MECACYL HY protects mechanical components and optimizes flexibility and silence. Its results are immediately visible.

The use of MECACYL HY hyper-lubricant has the following effects:
- Silence and flexibility
- Perfect glide
- Reduced vibrations
- Mechanical protection
- Limitation of oxidation and protection of the oil
- Improved performance


Use :
For gearbox:
5% of the oily fluid, i.e. 1 bottle of 100 ml for 2 liters of gear oil

For bridge:
3% of oily fluid in bridges
Mécacyl HY is used with new oil. If the vehicle is new or the oil is less than 6 months old, put Mécacyl HY in the vent hole of the component, without draining it.

Frequency of use :
Each time the gearbox or deck is changed.
Durability 80,000 km or 2/3 years.

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