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Multi-purpose putty beige 2kg

Multi-purpose putty beige 2kg

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It is a high-quality 2-component universal polyester putty for smoothing out irregularities in the automotive, vehicle and mechanical engineering refinishing sectors.
Professional quality with excellent adhesion to iron, steel, galvanized metal, aluminum, fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforced compounds.
Very filling thanks to its fine grain composition,
maximum stability on vertical surfaces, no cracking on the edges thanks to fine sanding, gives a compact and smooth surface of premium quality.


Object temperature 20°C: Dry or wet sandable after approximately 25 min.

The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease. Sand the surface. Remove old thermoplastic coatings (NC or 1K acrylic paints), synthetic resins as well as acid-containing products (e.g. Washprimer).

After drying, putty 2300 can be coated with all common paint systems. Seal the filled areas with 4CR 2K-Filler.

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