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Polish 3M yellow 1L hyperfinish

Polish 3M yellow 1L hyperfinish

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3M Yellow polish polish is a reference in the field of car and motorcycle detailing. This renovating polishused with yellow polishing foam.

Ideal for restoring shine to your vehicle and removing all traces of polishing.

It is mainly used after applying 3M green polish. It can also be used alone.


Use :
1) Shake the bottle of polishing liquid well before use.

2) Apply a small amount of extra-fine polishing liquid to the 3M 50488 foam or directly to the surface. On larger areas, apply enough product to cover a 50cm x50cm square.

3) Spread the product evenly using the foam before starting the machine to avoid splashing.

4) Start the machine (medium speed) and maintain light pressure, avoiding staying in the same place so as not to cause the varnish to heat up.

5) Polish until the liquid begins to dry, then reduce the pressure applied to the machine by slightly increasing the rotation speed.

6) Clean the worked surface with a microfiber cloth.

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