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Two-component plastic repair 50ml

Two-component plastic repair 50ml

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4CR 5625 is an easy-to-use, fast-curing, two-part structural polyurethane adhesive that cures by a chemical reaction of the two components forming a durable polymer resistant to high temperatures, humidity, fuel and many solvents .

The 5625 is specially designed for small, quick and durable bonding and repair jobs. The use of this adhesive allows
Fast turnaround time thanks to the ability to sand and paint quickly.


The 5625 Adhesive System has been designed for easy removal with manual and pneumatic application tools.
To ensure accurate dosing, we recommend leveling the pistons by placing the open cartridge into the dispenser and purging until product begins to flow from both chambers of the cartridge before attaching the mixer.
After attaching the blender tip (we recommend using only the blender tips included in the package; additional tips can be ordered) and loading the cartridge into the removal tool, squeeze the trigger one constant and regular speed to force the two prepolyethylene cartridges to flow.
It is recommended to discard the first 25 to 50 mm of dispensed material as they may be out of ratio. Adhesive sufficiently mixed in the correct ratio has a uniform black color, is creamy, smooth and shiny.
The material in the mixer will become very difficult or impossible to dispense at about half the open time.
Either continue to circulate the material through the mixer for short periods when adhesive is not needed, or replace the mixer before resuming dispensing.

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